Course Outline


  • Overview of Nagios
  • History and evolution of Nagios
  • Understanding network monitoring

Installation and Configuration

  • System requirements
  • Installing Nagios
  • Basic configuration
  • Configuring Nagios to monitor network services

Nagios Core and Nagios XI

  • Differences between Nagios Core and Nagios XI
  • Working with Nagios Core
  • Exploring Nagios XI features
  • Transitioning from Core to XI

Monitoring Basics

  • Fundamentals of monitoring with Nagios
  • Monitoring hosts and services
  • Understanding check commands
  • Configuring notifications and contacts

Advanced Monitoring Techniques

  • Monitoring web applications
  • Database monitoring
  • Monitoring cloud services and virtual machines
  • SNMP monitoring

Alerting and Notification

  • Configuring alert thresholds
  • Customizing notification methods
  • Escalation management
  • Integrating with third-party tools

Visualization and Reporting

  • Working with Nagios graphs and charts
  • Customizing dashboards
  • Generating reports
  • Analyzing monitoring data

Administration and Maintenance

  • User management
  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Updating and patching Nagios
  • Best practices for Nagios administration

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

  • Common issues in Nagios
  • Diagnostic tools and techniques
  • Resolving host and service check problems
  • Log file analysis

Preparing for the Nagios Certified Administrator Exam

  • Overview of the registration and certification process
  • Study tips and resources

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of Nagios
  • Knowledge of Linux systems and networking


  • System administrators
  • IT professionals
 21 Hours

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