Advanced RabbitMQ - 2 Days

  14 hours


  14 hours

RabbitMQ with .NET

  14 hours

RabbitMQ with PHP

  14 hours

RabbitMQ with Python

  14 hours

RabbitMQ with Java and Spring

  14 hours

Deep knowledge and coverage of the subject. Good delivery and presentation. Respectful and engaging with the audience. Very nice person.

Nigel Baker [RabbitMQ]

I liked the fact I was able to provide some input into what subjects areas I expected on the course, hence the trainer made some alterations to include them.

Parminder Flora [RabbitMQ]

I generally liked the variability.

Sascha Matz [RabbitMQ]

Everything was fine.

Mateusz Piosik [RabbitMQ]

I enjoyed the practical examples on how concepts can be applied.

Ministry of Home Affairs [RabbitMQ]

That it was very practical.

FreelyIT [RabbitMQ with .NET]

I was very pleased with how the training covered all the topics in the curriculum and focused on the ones we were most in need of.

Lilliahna Martin - Payspan, Inc.; Payspan, Inc. [RabbitMQ]

I liked the hands-on approach of the training.

- Heynen BV [RabbitMQ]

I genuinely liked the ha; Federation; Shovel.

Raymundo Maciel Yelmi [RabbitMQ]

The trainer was an expert on his subject and was able to answer every single question.

Ioannis Bitros - BYTE Computer [RabbitMQ]

Fulvio used the limited time (2 days only) very efficiently and gave all the information possible as much as he can. The training was very well prepared, we had no issues about the installations and our tests.

Koray Akay - Payvision [RabbitMQ]


- PGE Systemy [RabbitMQ]

Practical, trainer approach.

Sławomir Wojtczak - PGE Systemy [RabbitMQ]

Manpreet(Trainer ) was well prepared and he knows what is doing and teaching.

AIP Publishing [RabbitMQ with .NET]

How interactive and discursive the training was

Ding [RabbitMQ]

He is very knowledgeable and introduced us to several new tools and functions in the rabbitmq world.

Ding [RabbitMQ]

Link4 T.U. []

Link4 T.U. [RabbitMQ]


Practical real world experiences from the trainer

Zenner Hessware GmbH [RabbitMQ]

Cloudware Polska Sp. z o.o. [RabbitMQ]

Janusz Waczyński - Cloudware Polska Sp. z o.o. []

Cloudware Polska Sp. z o.o. []

Jean-François Menon - METEO-FRANCE []

Cloudware Polska Sp. z o.o. []

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