Course Outline


Different Aspects of Enterprise Security

Companies Are More Vulnerable to Cyber Warfare than Governments

  • Corporate espionage (industrial espionage)
  • Corporate sabotage (industrial sabotage)
  • Extortion

Beyond Traditional Enterprise Security

  • Non-standard approaches to breaching your systems
  • Compromising your company...without breaching your systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the age of corporate cyber warfare

How AI Will Be Used to Launch the Next Cyber Attack on Your Company

  • Beyond database injection
  • Fooling a company's computers and employees
  • The offensive mindset vs detection mindset

Attack Patterns

  • Systems and tools for launching cyber attacks

Beyond Dumb Bots. Intelligent Bots.

  • Humans or robots?
  • Designing intelligence

Building Comprehensive AI Response Systems

The Future of Corporation Cyber Security in a World of AI, Big Data, and Cyber Warfare

Summary and Next Steps


  • Knowledge or interest in cyber security


  • Cyber security specialists
  • System administrators
  • Cyber security managers
  • Cyber security auditors
  • CIOs
 14 Hours

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