Course Outline

Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

  • Overview of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Key features and benefits
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 vs. Azure Blob Storage

Setting up Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

  • Account creation and configuration
  • Understanding the hierarchical namespace
  • Data import and export strategies

Security and Access Control

  • Implementing authentication and authorization
  • Managing access with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Data encryption methods and best practices

Managing Data and Cost Optimization

  • Data lifecycle management with storage tiers
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Cost management and optimization strategies

Integrating with Analytics Services

  • Introduction to analytics frameworks compatible with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Use cases with Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Building ETL pipelines using Azure Data Factory

Developer Tools and APIs

  • Overview of available APIs and SDKs
  • Developing applications using the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 API
  • Automation and orchestration of tasks

Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Best Practices

  • Tools and techniques for monitoring storage and access patterns
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Best practices for managing and scaling Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing principles
  • Fundamental knowledge of data storage solutions and databases


  • Data engineers
  • Cloud professionals
  • Data scientists
 14 Hours

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